Cabana Rental Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are located at 110 Lee St. Seguin, TX 78155 which is a 15 minute drive from New Braunfels.

Must you make a reservation to visit Son’s Island? Yes, it is very wise too as we tend to stay completely full.

When do you open?  We are open everyday between Memorial day and Labor day for the Summer Season and are open Weekends as well as most Fridays and some Mondays in the Spring and Fall.  We close during December, January and February.

What are your hours? Typically 11:00 am – 7:00 pm for day rentals (see below for more info.)

In the fall: (September, October and November) we open the gates at 10:00 AM and close at 6:00 PM unless you have paid for either an evening cabana rental (which starts at 6:30 PM – 10:30 PM in the spring and fall) or overnight glamping option.

In the spring and summer: (which includes the months of March, April, May, June, July and August), We open the gates at 11:00 AM and close at 7:00 PM unless you have paid for either an evening cabana rental (which starts at 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM in the summer) or an overnight glamping option.

PLEASE NOTE: Cabana Rentals are for day use only unless you have purchased/added  the overnight glamping option or evening cabana rental. 

How much does it cost to rent a cabana?

The pricing depends on the day and season of your requested reservation. Weekdays are less than weekends, spring and fall are less expensive than summer.  Please click here to see our rates.

Can we bring more people than 8 people?  You can have a maximum of 15 people per cabana.  Each additional person (after 8) is $20 per person. Prices may vary on holidays.

Do we need to reserve a cabana ahead of time? You will need to have a cabana reserved before you visit the island. 

I purchased both a Friday and Saturday night glamping option, do I need to rent a day use cabana for Saturday as well?  Yes, if you plan on staying at the island during the day.

When are the check in and check out times for the glamping option?  Spring and Summer: Check in at 7:30 pm – check out: 10:00 am. Fall: Check in: 6:30 pm – check out: 9:30 am (on the following day).

What comes with the glamping option?  Overnight entry for 4 people, use of your reserved cabana during the glamping option hours and a tent setup which includes: -14′ x 9′ Tent, two foam queen sized mattresses, an extension cord, a bed side table, two fans and two lanterns.

Can I bring my own tent? No, to make the experience as hassle free for you and to ensure timely tent set up and take down, we supply and set up the tent and camping equipment.

IMG_6721I purchased the glamping option for Saturday night, when is check in?  And can I come early to enjoy the island?  Check in is at 7:30 in the summer and 6:30 in the spring and fall.  Due to limited parking, you may not come early unless you rented a cabana for that day.

If I rent a day cabana and purchase a glamping option for that same night do I need to leave the Island at 7:00 pm and come back at 7:30 pm for check in? No, you may stay.

Do I need to rent an evening cabana if I purchased the glamping option?  No, the evening rental is included in the glamping option.

beach volley ball at sons island

What is included when renting a Cabana?

*Swimming *Fishing (bring your own gear) *Beach Volleyball *Boat docking (you may bring your own boat and dock at no additional charge) *Paddle Boating *Horseshoes *Water Slide *Rope Swing *Washers *Resting in one of the many hammocks on the Island *Socializing in the shade of the Cabanas, *BBQing

Are there life guards on duty?

There is no fence or barrier restricting persons from entering the water, no depth signs, nor any life guards on duty. Under water hazards may exist and swimming is at your own risk. Renter is responsible for the safety and well-being of all guests and is responsible for keeping a close watch on all swimmers or persons who may enter or accidentally enter the water. Should the Responsible party be absent from the Property for any length of time, it is his/her duty to designate another person within his/her party for this responsibility.

lg dentist kayakersAre kayaks and paddle board use included in the cabana fee?

No, though we do offer them for rent, you can rent one by the day to keep at your cabana and use at your leisure or buy a wrist band that gives you unlimited use of all our kayaks and paddle boards though you must immediately return to the rental area after each use.

How do you charge to rent a kayak or paddle board?

When renting a Kayak or paddle board you have two choices. Either: 1. rent a kayak or paddle boat by the day in which you may keep the rental at your cabana’s dock to use at your leisure anytime during the day. We charge a $39 for a single kayak or paddle board and $69 per day rental fee per double person kayak. Or 2. Buy a $12.00 per person wristband which allows you to use any of our kayaks or paddle boards for the day though you must bring it straight back to the rental area after your finished using it (1 hour max. per turn) though at times you may have to wait your turn should all the kayaks be out in use by other wristband holders.

What should we bring?

Beach towels, Charcoal, Lighter Fluid, BBQ utensils, Ice, Ice Chest, Favorite Drinks and Food, Bug Repellent, Your boat or personal watercraft if you like(a public boat ramp is located less approximately 1 mile away) and a great big Smile!… it will be time to have some fun!Bridge at Son's Island

Can we drive to the island by car?

Yes! No need to bring a boat unless you want to enjoy some skiing! We have a 100 foot wooden bridge that you can drive a car across….in fact, you could probably drive a loaded dump truck across!

Where do we park? Is there a limit to how many vehicles we can bring?

We have parking both on and off the island. On busy days, we limit the parking to 2 cars for each cabana you rent on the island though you can park at the nearby boat ramp and carpool if you will have more vehicles in your group.


family having fun at sons islandHow do you keep track of how many people we bring?

We have someone posted at the bridge who keeps track and helps you find your cabana and answer any questions you have when you arrive.

Do you rent jet skis?

No, for liability reasons we no longer rent jet skis.

Can we bring our own kayaks, boats, jet skis and/or floats.
Yes, you are welcome to bring any of these items yourself.

Are there any restricted items?

Absolutely no glass, fireworks, loud music or pets; please refer to our rental agreement for full list of restrictions.

Do I need to wear a life jacket when using the kayaks and paddle boards?

Yes, life jackets must be worn no matter the age.

Do you have a place to change clothes?
Yes, we have 3 changing rooms located on the property.

Do you have bathrooms?

For now, we typically keep 2-7 portable toilets on site for your use. Though we hope to have a full bathroom facility soon.

Do you allow overnight stays?
Yes, we have an overnight glamping option, we supply and put up the tent and bedding, you have fun. We do have an overnight vacation rental property with 4 cabins, 5 fully furnished air conditioned tipis and a 3-bed 2-bath house only 8 minutes away: www.geronimocreekretreat.com . There are also a wide variety of hotels within 5 minutes of the island including Holiday Inn, Hampton Inn, Days Inn, La Quinta and Towne Place.

Is there a map of the cabanas?

Yes, click here to view.


guy cooking at Sons IslandAre we allowed to BBQ?

Yes, each cabana and RV has its own charcoal BBQ pit. Please be extremely careful to keep fire away from the roof as the palm leaves are extremely flammable. Also be sure not to dump coals around the landscaping as we have had an instance where the mulch caught on fire and almost burned a cabana down.

Are there shallow areas?

Yes, the front side of the island that faces the main part of the lake is shallow, around 3 feet deep or so. It is a great place to cool off and socialize with friends. Cabanas #6 -#10 are in this area.

Are there deep areas?

Yes, the back side of the island is deeper, ranging from 4’-10’ in depth and is great for swimming. Cabanas #A-1 – #A-5, #B-10 & #B11  as well as #C-1 – #C-6 are on the deeper side of the lake.

Are there areas that are more kid friendly?Image-1062

Yes, cabanas #A-1 – #A-4 are closest to the water trampoline and frog slide. These are good areas for families who want to keep an eye on their kids while playing. We also have a large common use dock near the water slide for all guests to use.

Is there a place to dock our boats?

Yes, though each cabana has its own dock we try to limit dock boating to the larger docks closest the main part of the lake so to keep the rear side of the island more swimmer and kayak friendly. You are free to use this docks at no additional cost during your stay. Cabanas #A-10 and #A-11, #B-10# and #B-11 as well as #C-1 – #C-6 are best for those wanting to bring their own boat as they are closest to our larger docks. WARNING: THERE ARE MANY ROCKS LOCATED IN FROM OF THE ISLAND. Employees on site will be glad to assist you as to where to drive and not drive your boat.

What is max amount/How many people can accommodate the island for an exclusive party?

Roughly 300-500, though you would need to prepare to offer shuttling as our parking is limited to around 90 vehicles.

hammock at sons islandIs there a spot with more shade?

The whole island is surrounded by towering cypress and pecan trees and with the shade from the cabanas there is plenty of shade for everyone anywhere on the island.

Which cabanas are by each other?

Cabanas #C-3-#C-6 are closest to each other; #B-3 & #B-4 are also close and #B-9 & #C-1 are also somewhat grouped together.

Is there a boat ramp nearby?

Yes, there is a public boat ramp directly under I-10 where it crosses Lake Placid. It is located less than a mile away from the island by car or boat.

Do you have a restaurant at the island?

No, but there are many great restaurants in the area and we know Papa Johns in Seguin delivers to the Island, as we order from there occasionally.

Where can I get ice, is there a gas station nearby?

The closest place to get ice is at the gas station located at the corner of 78 and 1620, it is only 2 miles from the island. HEB, Walmart and a variety of other stores are located in Seguin near the corner of HWY 90 and 123, which is only 5.5 miles away from the island.

What if it Rains?

Rain-checks are made available at our discretion though typically made only if it is raining hard enough during your reservation stay, for the majority of the time to prohibit the use of the island activities.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation for single cabanas and up to 3 cabanas must be made 2 weeks in advance for a 95% refund. Cancellation for 4 or more reserved cabanas must be made 1 month in advance for up to 95% refund. The remaining 5% is retained as a booking / refund fee for personnel cost.  Change of dates requests must be made 2 weeks in advance and may incur a $25 rebooking fee.

Frequently Asked Questions for Events, Parties and Weddings

The perfect wedding spot at Son's IslandDo you allow alcohol?

For private events including birthday parties, company picnics, and family reunions you may bring your own alcoholic beverages. For public events you may also bring your own alcoholic beverages. However, you MUST use TABC certified bartenders(s) to serve any alcoholic beverages (additional cost). For any event with alcohol you MUST also use certified Security personal (additional cost). Both of these requirements are a safety issue for you, your guests and for the venue.

Can I bring food without using a caterer?
Yes, for private events including company picnics, birthdays and family reunions. For public events  you must have a caterer with proof of insurance. This is a sanitation and safety issue for you, your guests and for the venue.

What about dishes, tablecloths and decorations?
We do not supply any dishes, table linens, or decorations. There are many rental companies in the areas that have these items available for a rental fee.

Do you allow overnight stays?
We offer overnight glamping and have an overnight vacation rental property with four cabins, five fully furnished air conditioned tipis and a three bed two bath house that’s only eight minutes away. There are also a wide variety of hotels within five minutes of the island.

Do you have bathrooms?

For now, we typically keep 2-5 portable toilets on site for your use as well as an air conditioned bathroom trailer.

Can you recommend a caterer? A DJ? A baker? A florist? An officiate? A photographer?mini cabanas #3
Yes, Son’s Island can provide you with information for all of these professionals.

I’m having a church wedding; can I hold just the reception at Son’s Island?
Yes, of course.

What if I’m having a small wedding? Do you have a smaller wedding area?
No, unless you plan to have your wedding on a week day during our slower seasons. Our other property: Geronimo Creek Retreat is good for smaller weddings.

Do you have a place to change clothes?
Yes, in any of the 2 RVs on the property or the 3 changing rooms.

What is your cancelaView of Cabanas from watertion policy?

Cancelation for multiple cabanas or whole island rentals require a 6 week in advance for a 90% refund. The remaining 10% is retained as a booking / refund fee personnel cost.

What if it rains on my event or wedding day?
If it rains enough to cancel your event, you may reschedule or simply plan ahead and be prepared. We have ample crushed granite parking areas and paths. You might plan to have extra tents on hand in case it is necessary to have the whole wedding party covered during the ceremony or reception.


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